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Didgeridoo (February 16th, 2021) We’ll take these pipes From a fort building kit Connect them together And then blow through it We’re purse our lips And then we’ll blow Through the pipes The sound will go! Whether you don’t Or whether you do We like to play The didgeridoo! (Just a little light-hearted ditty. TheContinue reading “Didgeridoo”

Growing My Garden Green

Growing My Garden Green(May 12th, 2021)I till the earthTo bring to birthAnd prepare my garden greenI mix in foodDark, rich, and goodTo nourish my garden greenI sow the seedsAnd pluck the weedsTo begin my garden greenI choose with careThe plants to go thereAs I grow my garden greenI sit and waitBy the garden gateWatching myContinue reading “Growing My Garden Green”

The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill(July 13th, 2020)The house on the hill glows brightAs the sun peeks up the laneThe house on the hill shining whiteNo other house the sameWhile all the other houses remainShrouded in the shadows of dawnThe house on the hill is ablazeWhile yet dark is its lawnOh how to be like thatContinue reading “The House on the Hill”

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