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Rogation Day

Rogation Day(May 9th, 2021)We’ll make the roundsAnd beat the boundsOn this Rogation DayWe’ll plant our seedsAnd pray o’er good deedsOn this verdant day in MayWe’ll say our prayersO’er seedlings’ careIn hope for bountiful fruitWe’ll make peace in the landWith enemies shake handsAnd heal neighborly disputesWe’ll hold open our palmsAnd give bounteous almsTo these our sufferingContinue reading “Rogation Day”

Mothers Dear

Mothers Dear(April 11th, 2021)When I think ofThe mothers dearI grieveThat I’ve not anyBut then I think ofThe mothers I’ve lovedAnd realizeI’ve had many

A May Storm

A May Storm (May 10th, 2020) The bright green of spring glows As the sky grows dark A May storm with gusty gales Silences wren and lark Trees that are still half-bare Wave wildly in the wind Then rest in a lull as we anxiously wait For the great May storm to begin Lightening flashes,Continue reading “A May Storm”

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